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Support Coordination Process

During the initial evaluation process, an Intellectual Disabilities / Developmental Disabilities Waiver Support Coordinator will meet with the person/family to further explain the services offered through the ID/DD Waiver Program. The Support Coordinator will discuss with the person/family which services could be of most benefit to the person. It is the responsibility of the Support Coordinator to listen to each person and/or family and arrange services around each person's stated wishes and desires. The person/family is also offered a choice of provider for each service based on availability in their area. Based on this information, an individualized Plan of Care is developed, along with other required forms and documentation, and submitted to the Department of Mental Health/Bureau of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (BIDD) for review. If BIDD finds the paperwork to be in order, the enrollment packet is forwarded to the Division of Medicaid for approval/disapproval. Once the packet is approved it is then submitted to the assigned Support Coordinator. The person/family is linked by the Support Coordinator with their approved services and chosen provider. The Support Coordinator monitors the services via monthly telephone contacts and quarterly visits for ongoing effectiveness and appropriateness. The Support Coordinator acts as an advocate for each person, assisting him or her in navigating through the various service systems and determining the person's level of satisfaction with services.

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