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Residential Services Offered

Ellisville State School provides services for persons residing on the main campus of the program. Licensed by the Department of Health, the campus is organized into three licensed units, each under the management of a licensed Nursing Home Administrator, and provides 24-hour care and supervision. Persons with disabilities are provided with professional instruction and assistance in the fields of education, personal care, recreation, socialization, and psychological services. Medical services, including audiology/speech/hearing, dental, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy and pharmacology, are also provided.

Each person is provided a personalized plan of care formulated through information obtained from members of an interdisciplinary team, including professionals in the areas of medicine, nutrition, psychology, social work, recreation, education, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, audiology and direct support, as well as input from parents and family members.

In addition, recreation programs, special events, and activities are provided to enhance social interaction and develop leisure interests. Worship activities and church services are available to those who wish to participate in religious activities.


Ellisville State School's Special Education School is a non-public, special school accredited by the Mississippi Department of Education. The department serves students who are under the age of 21 that reside at Ellisville State School. A comprehensive educational curriculum that promotes functional skills and adaptive behaviors is provided to all students in an effort to increase their independence and self-sufficiency. Educators also assist in referring children served by the school to the public school system when possible, in an effort to ensure that all school-age students served by Ellisville State School are in their least restrictive educational environment.


Ellisville State School has three Meaningful Day programs located on the main campus.  The programs, appropriately named Bright Envisions, Horizons, and Creative Pathways, offer participants a variety of activities that focus on the personal enjoyment and fulfillment of each person. Through activities such as arts and crafts, walking, recreational games, gardening, seasonal activities, table games, and movies, participants are able to make choices that allow them to spend their day engaged in activities that bring them joy. The atmosphere at each location is unique, but the goal is the same - to allow the people served to make choices for their personal fulfillment and to bring smiles to their faces.​


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