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About Ellisville State School

Ellisville State School is a state operated regional program providing comprehensive services to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The program is under the jurisdiction of the Mississippi Board of Mental Health. Administratively, it is in the Bureau of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities division of the Mississippi Department of Mental Health. Ellisville State School offers services to people in a residential setting and provides an array of programs and services in the community through the Community Services System. Ellisville State School serves approximately 240 people on the main campus and additional persons in the community. It is the goal of Ellisville State School to provide each person with the appropriate services so that each will develop to the maximum of his or her potential. The program desires through treatment and training to place each person in his or her least restrictive environment. This goal is consistent with state and national policy regarding service programs for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Support services on the main campus include administrative services, business services, information technology services, and staff training. As one of the largest employers in Jones County, Mississippi, Ellisville State School employs over 1,100 people. Ellisville State School’s service area encompasses 32 counties.

For more information concerning Ellisville State School and services or programs offered call 601-477-9384.

1101 Hwy 11 South
Ellisville, MS 39437