Ellisville Mayor Signs Proclamation to Promote IDD Awareness Month

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​Ellisville Mayor Tim Waldrup welcomed people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to City Hall on March 17 where he signed a proclamation declaring March as “Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month” in the City of Ellisville.

Waldrup acknowledged that the City of Ellisville currently has citizens who have intellectual/developmental disabilities. He said their contributions to the community are greatly appreciated.

“Not only do they live here, but we have some who work here, shop here, and eat here like many of our other residents,” said the mayor.

In the proclamation, Waldrup encouraged all citizens to support opportunities for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities in the city that include full access to education, housing, employment and recreational activities. The proclamation also stated that people with  intellectual/developmental disabilities deserve total support, recognition and acceptance of all citizens of the City of Ellisville.

Ellisville is among the many cities, organizations, and agencies across the state and country that observe national Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. In 1987, President Ronald Reagan declared March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month with the goal of bringing awareness to the needs of people with developmental disabilities and to help others understand the challenges often faced by the more than 7 million Americans living with a developmental disability who strive to be fully included in society. In recent years those with intellectual disabilities have also been included in the awareness campaign. Each year activities and events are held during the month of March to promote awareness of people with disabilities and focus on their accomplishments and abilities as they contribute to their communities.

According to the proclamation, the most effective way to increase the awareness is through everyone’s active participation in community activities and the openness to learn and acknowledge each person’s contribution.


Photo Caption: Ellisville Mayor Tim Waldrup is joined by people served by

Ellisville State School as he signs a proclamation in recognition of

“Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.”

Article Date:   3/25/2015   |   Expiration Date:   2/29/2016

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